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Czech Republic

Gymnázium Jana Nerudy, School of the City of Prague

Hellichova 3

Director: PhDr. Zuzana Wienerová

Deputies: RNDr. Jaromír Kekule, PhD., Mgr. Štěpán Mička



Tel. +420 257 404 810

  • a selective municipal secondary school of academic standard; a 'gymnázium' prepares students for higher education;
  • the name corresponds to the level of grammar school
  • admission to the school is based on students' performance in entrance examination in Czech, mathematics, a psychological test, results from the students' primary school
  • during the first two years of study students undertake their basic education; compulsory school attendance is nine years
  • some foreign language studies are compulsory and others optional
  • the 'gymnázium' follows the National Curriculum
  • every student must comply with the 'gymnázium' Rules of Behaviour
  • the last examination is called 'Maturita' and covers several subjects, both compulsory and optional
  • most graduates continue their studies at various universities in both the Czech Republic and abroad

General Study Program / This study differentiates only during the final years of the program, when students are offered optional subjects reflecting their interests. The students interested in science are given more options in this field, e.g. descriptive geometry, maths, physics, chemistry, biology and geography seminars. The students interested in humanities are given a wider choice in humanities and may select seminars such as: social science, history, literature and also preparation for Model United Nations. For all students English language is compulsory with German or French as the second compulsory languages. Latin seminars are offered for students interested in humanities.

Bilingual Czech-French Program  / During their first two years of study these students complete their basic education in Czech whilst receiving intensive instruction in the French language. This enables them to follow an authentic French study program in five subjects from their third school year. As a result, school graduates are able to follow higher education programs in all branches of science or humanities, and thanks to their linguistic abilities, enriched by different study methods, they can become distinguished bilingual specialists in their chosen sphere.

Atmosphere in School / The school has always aimed at a harmony between the traditional and the modern, the individual spirit of Prague and the cosmopolitan spirit of Europe, and demanding studies and pleasant working conditions. This is achieved through the friendly atmosphere, positive attitudes and excellent behaviour of the students.