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Experience Art – Increase Motivation

Nuremberg/Germany from 13.12.2015 to 19.12.2015

1. Participants

There were delegations from each school participating in the project “Experience Art – Increase Motivation”. 

Spain: 3 teachers and 3 students
Turkey: 2 teachers and 3 students
Poland: 3 teachers and 3 students
France: 2 teachers and 3 students
Czech Republic: 2 teachers and 3 students

There were 9 German students who hosted foreign students. All in all there were 27 students from grade 11 and 23 students from grade 12 who took part in the program and especially in the painting workshop. A group of young migrants below 18 participated in the workshop from Wednesday on. There were also 3 German teachers and the headmaster of the Lothar-von-Faber-Schule involved in activities during the week.

2. Accommodation

The students from Spain and Poland stayed together with their teachers in two hotels / youth guesthouses in Nuremberg. The other teachers were in a hotel in small village 4 km away from Nuremberg. The students from France, Turkey and Czech Republic were in host families in Nuremberg and smaller towns around Nuremberg. It was possible to use public transport to get to all hotels and families.

3. Program

The delegations arrived on Sunday and were welcomed at bus or train station and at the airport. The students and teachers were equipped with tickets for public transport. There was no further program on Sunday.

Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. was an official welcome at school. The headmaster Mr. Brütting welcomed all students and teachers. After this, students joined lessons in mixed groups with German students as guides. Meanwhile there was a tour around the school building for the teachers. After lunch in cafés and canteens close to school all teachers and students met and took the underground to the town centre. Due to the fact that there were more than 50 students and teachers the groups were split up into two smaller groups for a guided tour around the historical town centre. The tour ended at 5 p.m. and students returned to their host families or together with their teachers to the hotels. In the evening there was a teachers’ dinner in the hotel where most of the teachers stayed. 

On Tuesday the whole group visited the Nazi party rally ground with the Documentation Centre in the south of Nuremberg. After lunch in the town all teachers and students met in school again at 2 p.m. In the afternoon there was the first part of the painting workshop. Students worked in international groups according to subjects and ideas they associated with the topic “Invisible Borders”. During the time students were working all teachers met for the first teachers’ meeting in the conference room. The workshop and the teachers’ meeting ended at 4 p.m. 

On Wednesday morning the main part of the workshop started. Due to a cooperation with the German Federal Police and the Rummelsberger Diakonie (a welfare institution which takes care of and coaches people who need any kind of support) there was also a group of 15 teenage migrants who took part in this workshop additionally to the Erasmus+ students. The workshop was supervised by an art teacher and a Syrian painter who herself fled to Germany some time ago. Students and migrants painted oversized pictures and designed sculptures which form combined picture and sculpture installations dealing with the topic “Invisible Borders”. The students worked the whole day and there was a joint lunch in school. While students participated in the workshop teachers had time to meet again and discuss matters like “homepage”, “reporting”, “evaluation”. During breaks and at times when it was considered to be helpful the Erasmus+ teachers assisted and supported the art teacher in supervising the workshop. The work in school ended on Wednesday at around 4 p.m. So students and teachers returned to their host families or hotels. At night there were some informal students and teachers activities in Nuremberg town centre. 

Thursday was the second day of the workshop. Students and migrants continued the workshop activities. The workshop started at 9:00 a.m. and continued the whole day until 4.30 p.m.. Again lunch was offered at school and the teachers had time to work on different aspects of the management activities like working out questionnaires for students and teacher to evaluate the meeting in Nuremberg as well as analyzing and interpreting results of the questionnaires used to evaluate the preparation for the meeting in Nuremberg in each school. During the afternoon began the preparation for the opening of the exhibition on Friday. The Federal Police arranged and build the frames for the oversized painting (see photographs on the following pages). In the evening there was a meeting of all teachers in town centre in order to spend some time at the “Christkindl’s market” and in a typical Franconian restaurant.

On Friday morning was the official opening / presentation of the exhibition “Invisible Borders”. Several classes of the Lothar-von-Faber-Schule, teachers, partners and journalists were in the auditorium and the exhibition was opened with speeches of a representative of the city council of Nuremberg, the headmaster of the Lothar-von-Faber-Schule, the chief commissioner of Federal Police in Nuremberg and a representative of the Rummelsberger Diakonie on behalf of the teenage migrants. After the opening snacks and drinks were offered and it was time to talk, discuss and exchange ideas between the partners. The farewell party of the Erasmus+ week took place in the evening. Hosting parents and students prepared some food and all students, parents and teachers involved spend some enjoyable hours together.

On Saturday the delegations left Nuremberg and started their journeys back. The host families brought their guests to the airport, train station or bus station and students and teachers said good bye. The last delegation left Nuremberg late afternoon on Saturday.