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Prague Film Project Week:  from 29 May  to  4 June 2016


A set of five films created by five international teams of students from  the partner schools. The students were taught the basics of making a film by film specialists in three  workshops:

1) Film genres; important tips during filming; students selected five options - Romance, Drama, Road movie, Horror, Documentary

2) Technical issues of filming: How to operate a camera

3) How to write  a 'storyboard'


Filming started on Tuesday afternoon, took 2 - 3  days, each team was led by a student from the Secondary Film School. Cutting the filmed material was done in the laboratories of the Film School.

The result of the international teams' work:  a set of five 5-10 min films 'MAGIC PRAGUE' was shown on the last evening on Friday: 





Followed HORROR

This little horror story is about a girl who thinks that she is following by something. But nobody can see it therefore everyone say to her she is crazy. In the end the confused girl didn't endure the complete situation and kill herself.





Yagmur rain has been silence DRAMA

This movie show us a young man who remember the time with his girlfriend. Its so filmed that the spectators think he live this situations now but actually it is just his memories.





This is a little romantic movie about a young man who is seeing a girl many times in different places. Everytime they meet nobody say something but in the end the boy do the first step an run after her.




At the beginning it is shown everyday life things in Prague like shopping in a supermarket or someone who trys to get in a Elektroodpad box. After this the producer interviews different people and ask them how they find Prague. At first the people who seems like wealthy say positive things about the city and people who doesn't look like the first interviewed persons say exactly different things.



Now here we can see a typical roadmovie. Its about two women who have birthday on the same day but celebrate it completely different. The most of the time they walk to a bar-like place and while the one woman sitting there with her friends and have a lot of fun the another woman is just watching them, drink something, fire a cigarette, stand up and burst the ballons from the other woman.