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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHLwdlUZndM - Final Concert

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGPgKyVxsfA - Short Interviews

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMNqPEge8YI - Presentations


09  October 2016 -Arrival of 5 delegations in Strzelin.

10  October 2016    

After the first official meeting of all delegations in the school hall and the official opening of the project meeting in Poland by the headmistress of Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Strzelin Mrs Beata Kudła , teachers met in a room 108 for a short meeting to familiarize with the program of the visit. Then all delegations and Polish students with teachers took part in a professional lecture and workshops in English about voice production, conducted by an opera singer and singing trainer Mr Radosław Kot. After lunch they had a meeting with the Mayor of Strzelin Mrs Dorota Pawnuk and the head of a county Mr Marek Warcholiński . After official welcome and  refreshments all participants watched a film about Strzelin and its surrounding in English language, visited one of the biggest in Europe quarry of granite and had a short tour around Strzelin.  In the evening all foreign teachers and the Polish headmistress with a few Polish teachers had an integrating dinner in the hotel restaurant. Also students had integrating activities in the same hotel “Maria “, where groups were accommodated.


11 October 2016

All 5 delegation with 25 Polish students and 3 teachers went for an integrating trip to Kraków sponsored by the marshal of Lower Silesia.  In the bus, while travelling, students and teachers had  singing workshops.   In Kraków the participants could see the most precious Polish and European masterpieces of art and architecture. They could learn history of art and admire the beauty of unique collection of “arras” in Wawel Castel. All participants had the opportunity to feel the unforgettable atmosphere of the old city, Old Marketplace with Sukiennice and Mariacki Church where the ages “say” about Polish history and show cultural inheritance of Europe. Kraków was the European Capital of Culture 16 years ago. Everyone enjoyed the trip and integrated very well singing and chatting in the bus.



12. October 2016

At the beginning of the meeting in a school hall, students from all delegations presented short films about their cities,  hobbies , activities in their free time and music they like. At the end of each presentation students sang one or two songs popular in their country. Then all participants had a guided tour around school. After a short break students started their singing workshops with professional conductors from Poland  Mrs Joanna Golińska and Czech Republic Mr Wit Kubanek. Teachers had their meeting in room 108 also with professional singing lesson conducted by enthusiastic Czech teacher. The report from teachers’ work is described in the minutes.

In the afternoon delegation of 5 countries with 20 Polish students and 5 teachers went to the National Forum of Music in Wrocław for a sponsored concert of children’s choirs with the performance, organized during the year when Wrocław is the European Capital of the Culture.


13 October 2016


At 8.30 all delegation with Polish students and teachers went for a sponsored trip to Wrocław . All participants could see the city of mixed European culture with Polish, German and Czech monuments of art and architecture. They toured old city, Ostrów Tumski with the famous cathedral, old marketplace with a historical old town hall and visited National Museum with the unique round picture “Panorama Racławicka” painted by Kossak and Styka, showing in the original  way the battle important for Polish nation . After lunch students came back to school for singing workshops.

In the evening at 18.00 there was an integrating disco in the school hall. Students  taught their peers popular modern group dances.  All participants took part in the event actively,  enjoying themselves very much. Teachers had their meeting in room 108.


Friday October 14, 2016,

In the morning students had their singing workshop preparing to the final concert. Teachers had their meeting in the room 108 also with a singing practice – they were taught by Czech teacher one song- “Bewalo dobrze”( It was good).

 In the afternoon at 16.00 all school delegations from 5 countries , Polish teachers and students with their headmaster met at the school hall on the final concert summing up the whole visit. At the beginning the headmistress Beata Kudła thanked all participants for a fantastic cooperation, hard work and good atmosphere of the meeting. Then the final concert started. The impressive choir consisting of nearly 50 students from Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, France and Turkey  performed on a stunning level songs in Polish and other students’ national languages . Some songs were sang in English and one with a special dance in African language. The performance was so delightful that at the end the audience  spontaneously started to dance and sing. Teachers participating in the project also performed successfully one song “Bewalo dobrze” . One of many touching moments was the last song  “We are the world, we are the children..”  sang by the united youngsters from 6 countries of Europe and Turkey. It was an extraordinary phenomenon how fast young people integrated and enthusiastically cooperated without national prejudices,  preparing and performing in one choir, singing one voice that they want ”better world..for you and for me...” It was so fresh, youthfully innocent and convincing appeal of a new generation that we can have a hope that in future they’ll manage to improve our surroundings and conditions of life -what is the main aim of Erasmus+ projects. The video of the concert with other films made during the visit in Poland are available on the project website www. experience-art.eu.  After the performance there was time for refreshment prepared by Polish students and their parents.

At the end of the evening all participants were invited to the local community centre for a folk concert sponsored by the Mayor of Strzelin. A folk team “Wrocław” performed Polish songs and dances from 4 Polish regions. The audience was enchanted by the original singing and lively folk dancing in national costume dresses.

All participant of the Erasmus+ project received the certificates of attendance in a project meeting in Strzelin-Poland.

Saturday 15 October 2016

Departure of the groups. Spanish delegation stayed one day longer due to their flight connection Wrocław-Girona  on Sunday afternoon. The group spent time actively with some Polish teachers and students visiting Strzelin and its surroundings.

18. 10. 2016 an article about Erasmus+ project meeting in Strzelin appeared in a local newspaper “Słowo Regionu.”