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Our School

Department Of ICT


Information technology sector is in a continuous and dynamic growth due to the global level in a Rapidly changing markets and competitive conditions . Because of these features, the information technology sector , to draw the close attention of the country as a strategic industry and private planning by the state for these sectors.

Especially rapidly gaining greater intensity of competition in this sector is being globalized and industrialized countries implement and protect this sector.IT industry companies, is making a significant contribution in terms of financial support and employment services to the country's economy .





Department Of Graphics And Photograpy


To gain the qualification of the branches under Graphics and Photography is the area of education and training provided

The basic function of graphics and photography to convey a message, to introduce a product or service.

In graphics and photo area under the branches , it aims to train qualified professional staff for winning professional competencies that are required in line with scientific and technological developments and the needs of the sector.






Department Of Food And Beverage


Food & Beverage Services Area, individuals with basic science including knowledge and skills with specific professional knowledge, as well as to acquire skills, which can be good communicators ,who can use the technology , which markets them and makes production using the acquired knowledge and skills in the field of quality needed in the sectors related to the service area can offer ,it plans to bring into operation the idea of ​​starting his own business and is an area that train technical personnel in charge of quality.








Department Of Beauty And Hairdressing


Occupation is affected by technological advances , materials , products and It is increasing diversity in vehicles.In addition , businesses can run the professionals diversified and said that it multiplies. Beauty elements, skin doctors and as well as rehabilitation centers for employment opportunities can work with zyoterapist they can find .Also for the remembrance of massage therapy , plastic surgery, preoperative clinics and after skin care, makeup done by a beautician jobs in the performing arts amongst them.

He has adopted the business , thanks to qualified members of the profession in society importance and status showed positive developments.

These positive developments in cosmetic products types of observed nature and direction of change and development , as well as fashion and the media It has been quite effective.

The result of these influences and developments , demand for expertise in the beauty profession increased compared to the past occurred in the profession in a more professional structure .



Department Of Childcare

What about child development and education, skills, attitudes and behaviors that about to impart to children and young people at what age level of the child's support of the entire development , which plans , implements , human relations and empathy emphasis ,with knowledge about child health and disease , which helps the development and adaptation of children in need of special education ; drama, the simple act of physical education , music studies, the arts and the main language activities , is an area recognition techniques applied to children.










Department Of Textile And Fashion Design


Clothing production, beginning in the production process and the need for cotton yarn in the world, the value added is an area of the country can not give up that play an important role in the economic development process due to its high share in both export revenue.

Clothing production technology area, especially in the newly industrialized The export is carried out because the main source of success in growth.Considering the way they cover the industrialization of the developed countries today it is seen that the successes achieved in the field of garment manufacturing technology at the beginning of this point .

Clothing production technology area, the small business has been operating in Turkey since the 1950s.In this area , there has been great progress in recent years. Saved These developments need into the country, the economy and the country with sales abroad and provide significant contributions to the balance of international payments .




Department of Handicraft And Technology


Crafts Technology Area is the area under the branches to gain the education and training qualifications.

Craft Technology in the branches under the area , the needs of the sector , in line with the necessary scientific and technological developments have gained vocational qualifications are intended to train qualified professionals .

His hand weaver ; rope dyeing , weaving tools use , preparation for weaving , weaving and plunges to the education and training to gain proficiency woven finish .

Hand in hand weaver weaving sector with vocational qualification aims to train qualified professional staff.







April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day

 Our School and Applied Child Development Department Kindergarten students prepared by the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm.